Referee communication system

A wireless referee communication system is a great tool for quick communication between referees. In more and more types of games are working with multiple referees. In football today, four referees are working together and almost always, communication systems are used between the linesmen, the fourth officials and referees in the field. But other sports also work with multiple referees and some American sports even have eight referees.

Depending on the desired and necessary way of communicating, we have two different systems available in our assortment. A system in which a maximum of three users can communicate with the leader in the form of a phone call. Permanent back and forth communication without the usage of any buttons.

The other can listen in and, after one or both of the three followers are dropped, can also contact the leader.

Three people, if desired, continuously converse with each other. The fourth official may be consulted.

For this, we have the AXIWI communication system: effective and it only weight 40 grams.