Audio communication Systems for City Tours

Of course, you want your guest to show the city optimally during a city tour. The various communication systems by Axitour are the solution for a safe and welcoming city tour.


Our communication systems

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Safe and welcoming city tours

Often, guides guide their guests at city tours with verbal communication. Especially in large groups, the voice of the guide is not sufficient enough to reach the whole group clearly. This may be due to the size of the group or due to ambient noises.

A wireless communication system allows you to guide the guests in a safe and welcoming environment. Welcoming because everyone hears what the guide says and safe as it can be busy in the city; with a communication system, you can alert each other on time for potentially dangerous traffic situations.

Simplex and duplex communication systems

A guide can choose to guide guests around with a simplex or duplex communication system. A simplex system provides one way-communication; the guide can speak and the guests have the opportunity to listen. With duplex communication, guests have the opportunity to say something back. Below is the assortment of Axitour communication systems.

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