Communication systems for simultaneous translations

Simultaneously translating is easy with the wireless Axitour whisper set. You can install it all by yourself without any problems or expansive equipment. Simultaneously translating during conferences, meetings, presentations or church services with participants from different countries is a challenge.Via the audio system of the participants, the language of most participants is displayed and participants speaking another language are provided with the translation of the interpreter through the simultaneous translation system. The (tour) guide or translator who speaks us equipped with a transmitter and the audience, who receive the translation, get a wireless receiver.


Our communication systems

Axitour AT-500


Axitour AT-300


Axitour AXIWI AT-320


Axitour AT-900


Simultaneous translation

With the most other systems, translators work in separate rooms. This makes simultaneous translations an expensive affair. The spoken word is immediately translated and gets to the headphone of a participant through a network connection. The translator(s) are equipped with a headset with microphone and, possibly, headphones for receiving the narration of the speaker.

Because we can almost always work without separate rooms with the Axitour Whisper Set , our system has great price advantages. The translator can speak with a normal voice tone without disturbing the speaker.

With the Axitour Whisper Set for simultaneous translations, the number of persons that can be reached with by one translator is unlimited and only depends on the distance between the translator with headset and the receivers.

Multiple translators are possible, because each translator has a transmitter with an own channel. Intervention of other channels or systems is ruled out.

Axitour has two systems in its program: the AT-808 system is a one way-communication (simplex) system, talking back to participants is not possible. With the other system, the Axitour AXIWI, two way-communication (duplex) is possible. Participants can possibly talk back through the system and ask questions in their own language.



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