Axitour AT-300



Axitour AT-300 simplex audio tour guide system

The Axitour AT-300 tour guide system is specifically designed for tour operators and travel agents who want to travel with a tour guide system. It’s easy to use, lightweight and has a perfect range to provide all your guests with information during a tour. The system can be used both inside as outside the bus and thus, for example, can be used by the driver or the guide to execute the tour.

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  • Guided leisure, business or cultural tours
  • City Tours
  • Museum Tours
  • Conventions
  • Meetings
  • Interpreting Activities
  • Simultaneous translations
  • Tour Operators

Easy to use communication system

This system is a user-friendly system and also easy to use. When you turn on the system, you will have time to set the channel. Once you’ve selected the channel you want, and you don’t change it for 5 to 10 seconds, the system will be locked on that channel. When the system is locked, you can only adjust the volume by means of the volume control dial, and turn off the system. The guide gets the grey device with a headset microphone and the participants get the black device with earbuds.

Technical Specifications

  • Simplex (one way) communication system
  • distance between transmitter and receiver outside: 100 metres
  • distance between transmitter and receiver in buildings: 40 – 50 metres
  • Makes use of a license-free radio frequency (in Europe, you can use this system unlicensed; for usage outside Europe, please contact our Customer Service)


  • Headset microphone type headband
  • Headset microphone type glasses
  • Earbuds

Charging System

  • Charging system 2 devices
  • Charging / storage case for 12 devices
  • Charging / storage case for 24 devices

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