Horse Riding instruction set AT-300

for one instructor and one rider

Provide riding instruction tool without a real attack on the vocal cords.

You must indeed by voice span the length of the tank and possibly traffic and often sounds of other people and horses in the vicinity.

With the Axitour Horse Riding instruction AT-300 (handsfree) you communicate easily with your pupils

A set consist of: 1 channel (blue) and one receiver (red), a headset microphone for the instructor, an earphone for the rider, a charger, two devices and a storage case.

The horse riding instruction set AT-300 functions both inside and outside in a perfect way. Because your pupil can understand it easily, repeating a instruction is not necessary anymore. You work more comfortable and relaxed and your pupil can better concentrate on executing your instruction, because they don’t have to ask what the instructor just said.

It is easy to expend on the AT-300 instruction system with multiple receivers, which allows the instructor to instruct two or three riders at the same time. This instruction set is ready to use in seconds.

Axitour is the specialist in wireless, handsfree communication systems, and these are particularly suited for teaching in an efficient manner. The range is more than sufficient to have a good reception in each corner of the tray.

Traffic noise, conversations and instructions of others no longer disturb the communication between instructor and rider. All systems come with rechargeable batteries and operate on a license-free frequency.

Lasts around eight hours when completely charged.

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The simplex system allows for one-way communication, with the Axitour AXIWI duplex system, you can talk back and forth with your pupil.