Factory Tour Guide System

Your visitors hear everything with a factory tour guide system, despite all the noise

A factory tour with a group of people in an environment with a noise level exceeding 75 Db without wireless tour guide system is no fun for the guide. According to the Health and Safety legislation, one has to equip workers who are exposed to 80Db with hearing protection. And so, your guests must also get these protections.

It goes without saying that a factory tour without a wireless factory tour system is an almost impossible task. Firstly, the guide must raise his voice significantly to be heard above the noise. Second, the guests also hear the noise and hear only a limited part of the information that the guide wants to convey. Axitour is the solution to this!

A relief for the vocal cords and the guide can effortlessly do another tour.
With the factory tour guide system, all your guests hear you loudly and clearly, won’t stay behind and won’t talk with each other because they can’t hear the tour anyways.
For tours our instructions during practice training or communication between engineers in very noisy environments, we have custom throat microphones which eliminate the noise to a large extent.

Depending on your needs and the objective of the tour, we have two suitable systems available. Choose from a simplex (one way) or duplex (two way)-system. We can advise you which system is best suited for your tour.