Communication system for mountaineering

You’ll stay wirelessly and effortlessly connect with each other with the lightweight AXIWI AT-320 communication system for mountaineering

Shouting at each other is something of the past with this communication system for mountaineering.

The transmitter / receiver of the AXIWI AT-320 mountaineering communication system weighs only forty grams, the headset / microphone are several solutions. Various headsets available. By using our mountaineering communication system, you save energy because you don’t have to shout anymore and it’s significantly safer for business exercising.

The mountaineering communication system allows three people to communicate with each other simultaneously, other team members hear the conversations or, if desired, take turns speaking with the leader.

We also have a professional lightweight mountaineering communication namely the APPI-Com system available for climbers of Mount Everest and Mount Blanc, which also in harsh environments provides the necessary communication between the team members.