Axitour AT-100 Tour Guide System


The Axitour AT-100 is an automatic tour guide system and is the perfect solution for museums, heritage sites and so on.

The AT-100 has various functions:

  • Your visitors can use this system to take a tour themselves;
  • You can guide your visitors yourself; as a tour leader you can also decide to which pre-recorded audio track they will listen.
  • Or you can have a workshop with 2 way communication between 2 guides and maximum 1 participant simultaneously.

It’s a very easy-to-use system with many functionalities. It comes with an intelligent charging system, to upload your project with pre-recorded audio on 25 devices at the same time.


Audio parameters

Audio format – High quality audio compression

Dimensions (D x W x H) – 19.2 x 50.7 x 127.3 mm

Weight – 95 g (with battery)

Bandwidth – 50 Hz ~ 18 kHz

Dynamic range – 70 dB

Earphone output  – 3.5mm Jack x 2 (stereo)

Nr. of languages – Max. 32

Memory capacity – 8 GB, supports up to 32 GB

Operating temp. – (-10℃ ~ 50℃)

Battery lifetime – 18 hours


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