The Night of Arts & Knowlegde is the largest arts and science festival in South-Holland.

For our fourth edition, we came in contact with a radio maker who made a podcast about one of our locations. The idea was to create an audio tour which our visitors could follow during the event. To achieve this, we were looking for an automated touring system that we could lease. We approached Axitour Communication Systems for this. Axitour offered us a good price. The communication systems were easy to use and provided with headphones. The audio tour was uploaded on the system, so they were all ready to use when we received them. Afterwards, they were retrieved at our office, relieving us from the work to send the box back. In our partnership with Axitour, they gave us a great service by actively thinking along with us. We’re satisfied with the services Axitour gave us and we will certainly make use of this again.

Axitour Communication Systems

Sale and rental tour guide systems





The Benefits of Axitour

  • Sale and rental
  • Advice from specialists
  • For large and small events
  • Order before 02:00 PM UTC+, delivered the next day (Netherlands & Belgium)
  • Customer Service always available
  • Various secure payment options
  • The coffee is always available for you in our showroom