“Where my ears fell short, AXIWI came to help. AXIWI provides an extra dimension to coaching on the job.”

Guus de Jonge is a coach within his company Guus de Jonge Consulting and Training. He already advised, trained and coached people to give shape and meaning to changes within their organisations for more than 15 years.

Communication challenge

“My challenge: a training on the job for BOA-inspectors operating in public transport. As coach of the BOA-checker I want, without having to look over their shoulders and listen, still want to hear the content of their communication. After searching and having phone calls, I finally ended up with AXIWI.

My questions about the AXIWI communication system were:

  • How striking is the microphone on the lapel of the controller?
  • Can I follow the voice of the passenger next to the voice of the controller?
  • Is the system sufficiently distorting-free to cover the whole train?
  • Can I use my unobtrusive iPhone earphones?
  • Can the battery last up to 8 hours of use?
  • How reliable is the system?

After calling Axitour, supplier AXIWI, the staff went to work.

Experience with AXIWI communication system

I’ve been using the AXIWI communication system for 80 hours and my experiences are great:

  • The conversations are easy to follow and I get a good idea of the communication of the BOA-checker.
  • The battery life is long; charging in between is not necessary.
  • The range is more than sufficient.
  • None of the passengers notices the microphone.

Where my ears fell short, AXIWI came to help. AXIWI provides an extra dimension to coaching on the job.

More information on this AXIWI communication system

The AXIWI AT-320 duplex communication system is a two-way communication system. Six people can simultaneously communicate with each other, just like a phone call. The AXIWI communication system is totally hands-free to use and has four channels.

More information on Axitour AXIWI AT-320 communication system.

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