For Het Parool, newspaper of Amsterdam, I follow Paul Vugts as crime reporter the murder trial of a Moroccan Amsterdam resident. He is tried for two killings in Morocco and three attempted. My big problem, and the problem with me, for example, the detectives with whom I travelled to the court in Tangier; in court and at the Court is the language high-Moroccam. With four Dutch, we need an interpreter and equipment that we could listen in with at least four people simultaneously at the translation, without disrupting the trial. The interpreter could only whisper.

Earlier, we used equipment from another company, but it faltered and was very pricey. That’s why I turned to Axitour for the AT-500 communication system.

Clearly audible lawsuit

It was simply a relief to be able to use your equipment. We heard the interpreter, who used the headset, loud and clear and the earphones were comfortable and they didn’t irritate during a session, which lasted a long day. Up to fifty meters from the interpreter, his translation was still excellently audible, so certainly in such court, a much larger group could listen in. If I have to follow a lawsuit with a group again in the future, which is conducted in another language and we need an interpreter, I will use the AT-500 communication system by Axitour again. To illustrate: fellow journalists who didn’t have a communication system had great difficulty following the trial.

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