Bron: Ijshockey Nederland

Ice hockey Netherlands has set up a collaboration for TeamStripesNL with Axitour to purchase the AXIWI communication system. These communication sets contribute to faster communication on the ice between the referees, and they will be used for the guidance/training of starting referees.

“I know from experience that fast and good communication on the ice is essential to make the right decision.” – Referee in Chief, Martin de Wilde

Supplier of AXIWI

Axitour Communication Solutions is a supplier of wireless audio communication systems. Since April 2021, Axitour in Barendrecht, with AXIWI®, has been included in the list of referee communication systems of the World Football Association FIFA. The list consists of professional referee communication systems used by football organizations and referees worldwide. Axitour is delighted to add ice hockey to the long list of sports that already use these means of communication during competition and training purposes.


‘Referee in Chief’ Martin de Wilde is happy with the collaboration between Ice Hockey Netherlands and Axitour. Fellow umpires can hear each other on the ice when communicating with players or coaches. As a result, you are much more involved in the game, which benefits the referees’ game management.

Better guide starting referees

The Referee Coaches of TeamStripesNL use the new AXIWI communication systems during the guidance of starting referees. The Referee Coach can listen in on the referees on the ice from the stands and pass on tips through his microphone. This will mainly be about position and procedures during a match and listening directly to how a referee communicates with players and coaches on the ice. The Referee Coach can include this in his post-match feedback. The Referee Coach is not supposed to interfere with penalties; this ultimately remains the referee’s decision on the ice.