This article was written by Céline Kindts, Process Improvement Manager at Mulder Natural Foods

At Mulder Natural Foods, training for new employees is very important to us, and we are committed to this. Due to our type of production activity, there is a lot of noise in our production hall. But on-the-job training requires that explanations can also be given in these places. The trainer and trainee must understand each other well, without forcing the voice. The same applies to receiving and guiding visitors and students. Due to the problematic intelligibility in certain places in the factory, we deliberately kept the groups small so that relatively many supervisors were needed.

“The tour was very calm and organized, and the feedback from the participants was very positive.”


Easily share information

A lot of time was lost during the visit without earphones (read: tour guide system) because you had to wait until everyone was on site. By using the Axitour tour guide system, you can provide specific information while walking without everyone standing close to the supervisor. It is often challenging to keep everyone together in larger groups, and some visitors dwell longer on a specific process. Now you can very quickly call everyone to follow the group via earphones. But the most important thing is that at the end of the tour, the guide no longer has a sore throat due to the continuous forcing of his voice.

Efficient tour

To organize these activities more efficiently, we looked for a tour guide system to improve our communication. Axitour’s systems were delivered last week, and we tested them immediately on a large group of visitors. Setting the correct channel between transmitter and receiver went very smoothly; all participants knew immediately how to adjust the volume. The tour was very calm and organized, and the feedback from the participants was very positive.

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