Press release 14-12-2021 – BARENDRECHT, the Netherlands

The Dutch company Axitour takes over ArbitroStore. The current owner, Rob Huijben, of the referee webshop is selling ArbitroStore because he will focus on a new project within the refereeing world.

Axitour is already known in the refereeing world for the brand AXIWI®. Under this brand name, they sell communication systems (read: headsets) worldwide for mutual communication between referees, coaches and sports officials during sports competitions.


One-stop-shop for referees

For Axitour, the acquisition feels like a logical next step. Ben Engelen, director and owner of Axitour, about the acquisition of ArbitroStore: “In recent years, we have built up a strong network in the sports and referee world with AXIWI in the Netherlands and internationally. We are known at Axitour for our service orientation towards our customers. With ArbitroStore, we have the ambition to become the one-stop-shop address for referees. This means that ArbitroStore’s customers can expect fast delivery from a wide range. We will also tailor the range specifically to various sports. After all, a football referee needs different tools than, for example, a handball referee.”

New webshop

We are currently working hard on the renewed website, and the range will be revised to become the one-stop-shop address for referees. The webshop will also be available in English so that referees from abroad can also order. The website is expected to go online around the end of December 2021.

ArbitroStore opens with a discount promotion

ArbitroStore will celebrate the launch of the webshop, so there will be a discount promotion during the opening. On the ArbitroStore website, you currently can leave your e-mail address to stay informed of the latest developments and (discount)promotions.