This reference is written by Marjon van Asseldonk, marketing and  communication employee at Fransen Gerrits

We usually give regular tours of our three factories to new employees, trainees or, for example, students. However, the intelligibility of the tour guide was often minimal due to the noise of the machines. As a result, a large part of the information transfer lost, and that is a shame. That is why we looked for a way to improve the clarity of communication. The search on Google soon brought us to Axitour.

AXIWI for the factory tour

Due to Corona, we are currently not giving tours of our factories for a while. But of course, I immediately tested the AXIWI communication system after receiving it, together with a colleague. With the help of the short and concise manual, we had the system up and running within a minute. So that works super easy. Once in the factory, we could hear each other loud and clear. Even right next to the hammer mill, communication was no problem at all.

The storage case that we ordered is also an added value, because we can safely store all headphones, communication systems and chargers in it. It is also easy to take the case from one factory to another.