This reference is written by Willie Benning, Purchaser at Dalli-De Klok B.V.

As in many companies, ‘good communication’ is not self-evident. For us, the biggest obstacle to clear communication was the noise in the workplace of Dalli-De Klok B.V.

We are a production company that makes high-quality home-care products 24/7 for the large supermarkets. Every morning at 10:00 a.m. a ‘morning round’ takes place in the production area. The employees all have their own discipline and, if a problem arises with regard to the required raw material or the machines, we discuss how this can be solved. Since everyone wears ‘otoplastics’ (earplugs) and a mouth mask, good communication is a challenge. We looked for a solution to improve the mutual communication.

We actually soon found Axitour Communication Solutions. After a call to customer service and an explanation of our situation, we were able to test the chosen equipment within a few days. The experiences were immediately positive and the malfunctions that we had expected, originating from the machines, did not occur. We then bought 5 complete AXIWI sets, so that everyone who participates in the working process can understand each other well and can talk about the possible problem.

We are very pleased with our choice for Axitour and can only recommend this company if communication between you in the workplace also needs to be improved.