Axitour Communication Solutions present at Integrated Systems Europe 2019

From 5 to 8 February, the 16th edition of the Integrated Systems Europe 2019 will be organized at the RAI Amsterdam. During this exhibition, professionals from the entire audiovisual industry and the end users will meet. Axitour Communication Solutions can be found during the fair in hall 14, stand number: 14-M120. We would like to see you there and talk about the possibilities of our latest and innovative audio communication systems and solutions. Below more information about our participation.

AXIWI in the spotlight at ISE 2019

The AXIWI communication system is a wireless full duplex and handsfree communication system. Six people can simultaneously communicate with each other by the open line connection, just like a telephone conversation. The communication system is used for communication during tours, conferences, meetings, sports, translating simultaneously and calamities. AXIWI is very popular among (top)referees, coaches and sport officials in sports like: handball, field hockey, soccer, rugby, korfball and many more.



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Our tour guide systems

Axitour AT-500


Axitour AT-300




Axitour AT-900


Axitour AT-100


Axitour presents innovative audioguide QR-code – card concept

We enable museums, sightseeing tours, monuments, natural parks and any visitable site to offer audio-guides without dedicated devices nor developing expensive apps. An attractive branded card with a unique code is the visitor’s gateway to rich content.

Visitors listen to audio tracks directly on their smartphones. Our innovative audio-guides are inexpensive and profitable for the museum. Even for temporary exhibitions! Museums get great insight through visitor usage data and feedback.

City Tours


DEMO: ‘The Best of Amsterdam Tour’

(click on one of the pictures below for the ‘Best of Amsterdam Tour’).

Also as a sustainable and innovative Axitour Business Card

During the ISE 2019 Axitour will use an innovative business card to hand out. This card contains a QR-code. By scanning this QR-code people will be redirected to a special company webpage of Axitour. There they will find all the information about the products, the company and the employees. All the (product) information is described in the card so there is no waist on many dfferent types of paper brochures; sustainable, less costs and an innovative way to introduce the company to visitors.

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