Axitour Communication Systems, supplier of several audio communication systems and solutions, is sponsor of the rugby referees during the Bingham Cup Amsterdam 2018. Axitour will provide the AXIWI communication systems for the rugby referees and is sponsor of the referee shorts.

Bingham Cup – AXIWI Referee Academy

Axitour will also facilitate the Bingham Cup with the AXIWI Referee Academy. With the referee academy AXIWI let referees acquainted with working with a wireless communication system in order to use it optimally and effectively in collaboration with rugby referee colleagues. The acquired knowledge and experience, they gain during the AXIWI Referee Academy, they take to their sports club and competitions; with which not only the referee but also the rugby sports club benefits and improves. And that is our goal with the AXIWI Referee Academy: allowing referees to test and work with our communication systems, so they become best performing referees and umpires.

Also for rugby referee coaches

For direct mutual communication during the matches the rugby referees work with the AXIWI communication system. Working with a communication system requires a different way of cooperation between the referees. After all, they are directly and wirelessly in contact with each other and have to have less of body language and possibly shout at each other. The referee coaches have the possibility to coach the referees directly and wirelessly from the sidelines, by connecting a third AXIWI to the ‘referee’ group. The referee coach can provide the referee directly from the sidelines with instructions and feedback or just listen and analyze the way of ‘communication’. Because the referee coach can coach ‘in’ the moment, the learning curve for the referees in the field is faster; they can immediately (real time) work with the feedback and apply it in the game.

Referees sharing experiences for an optimal learning result

During the Bingham Cup there is a diverse group of referees who are expected to share knowledge and experience with each other during the weekend. For an optimal learning result they will receive feedback after the matches of the coaches, so that they can take this into the next matches.

About AXIWI®

At an increasing number of sports today it is normal to have at least 2 or more referees during a match, even if the matches are non-professional. To make communication between referees more effective we are introducing the wireless and hands free AXIWI referee communication system. Up to six referees can communicate simultaneously by the open line with each other, just like a telephone conversation.

Best performing sports communication

The AXIWI communication system is used by the (top) referees and sports federations from all over the world in several sports. In the mean time the communication system is succesfully used in field hockey, rugby, handball, soccer, korfball, hockey, cricket and many other sports and applications. AXIWI offers many possibilities and applications for referees, coaches and sports officials.

Check for all the possibilities and applications the website of AXIWI. Go directly to the referee webpage: or check the most popular applications in sports. Follow AXIWI on Instagram to stay up to date with daily stories and pictures.

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