AXIWI HE-007 Throat microphone

In situaties met veel omgevingslawaai, teveel voor een gewone microfoon, biedt de AXIWI HE-007 keelmicrofoon uitkomst. Het microfoongedeelte sluit goed aan op de keel en sluit daarom veel van de omgevingsgeluiden buiten. De keelmicrofoon is licht van gewicht en comfortabel om te dragen.

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Product Description

When environmental noise prevents a tour guide from using a normal microphone, the use of a throat microphone will ensure that only the voice is heard. This microphone picks up the vibrations created through the throat of someone speaking. As such, all external noises are minimised. The throat microphone is light weight and has a comfortable fit.


Usage application

  • Situations where the use of breathing equipment is essential.
  • On locations where you need to work with both hands and have to communicate with somebody else.
  • In situations with high ambient noise levels.


Product specifications

  • Cable length: 825 mm
  • Weight: 26 gram


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