Our system is based on the BYOD principle (Bring Your Own Devices). This means that we use the visitors’ smartphone as a receiver

  •  No disposable earphones
  •  No cleaning of receivers
  •  No handling of receivers
  •  No lost or broken receivers


  •  No need for charging of receivers
  •  No costs for repair of receivers
  •  No loss of receivers
  •  No need to download an app

The Bring Your Own principle is increasingly becoming a household name in modern business operations. For example, with a view to sustainability and the environment, consumers’ smartphones are increasingly used. In Albert Heijn, for example, you can also find the bonus offers online, instead of just in the bonus booklet. The smartphone is used for so many applications that it deserves its own BYO concept: Bring Your Own Smartphone!

Of course everyone has their phone with them nowadays, but they are not yet aware of the possibilities. Follow a city tour with your own smartphone. Take the museum tour with the same smartphone, or listen to a guide with your own phone and earphones. Not only are there hygienic benefits for the customer, but also other benefits for the organizations. No expense and return of equipment, expensive purchase or repairs.

A number of products are already making smart use of this emerging principle. Which products? Take a look at www.axitour.eu / BYOS.