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The Benefits of Axitour

  • Sale and rental
  • Advice from specialists
  • For large and small events
  • Order before 02:00 PM UTC+, delivered the next day
  • Customer Service always available
  • Various secure payment options
  • The coffee is always available for you in our showroom

Our communication systems

Axitour AT-500


Axitour AT-300


Axitour AXIWI AT-320


Axitour AT-900


Communication systems for various applications


Axitour provides Dutch vegetable preserves manufacturer HAK flexibility and efficiency in guided tours

About fifteen years ago, the Dutch vegetable preserves factory HAK used a private communication system during their tours. By changing of “owners”, the system got lost. Tours were, up early this year, made up out of five people, to keep the guide...
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AXIWI rides along with “The Association” during Vollenhove Flower Parade 2017

For Vollenhove, the last Saturday of August must be the most colourful day of the year: the flower parade! This five-star event in the Head of Overijssel has thousands of visitors and millions of dahlias. This year again, 12 beautiful cars and top-showbands drove...
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Baptist Church Arnhem-Centre uses Axitour AT-500 communication system for simultaneous translation church services

Baptist Church Arnhem-Centre has used the Axitour AT-500 audio communication systems for several months. They use the transmitters and receivers for simultaneous translations of their Sunday church services. “We had a translation system in used that didn’t...
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Axitour AT-200 audio communication system used during the Night of Arts and Knowledge

The Night of Arts & Knowlegde is the largest arts and science festival in South-Holland. For our fourth edition, we came in contact with a radio maker who made a podcast about one of our locations. The idea was to create an audio tour which our visitors could...
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Axitour AT-300 audio communication system used during “The Early Van Gogh”-exhibition in the Kröller-Müller Museum

“My colleagues and I work regularly with the Axitour whisper sets. We are very pleased with the Axitour AT-300 audio communication system, which we have used in the exhibition ‘The Early Van Gogh’ for guiding visitors. The whisper sets have a good...
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Colleagues Flevo don’t have to shout and honk anymore

The Cooperative Fur Animal Breeders Central Flevo specializes in producing food for fur animals for the Dutch, German, Belgian and Polish market. Annually, more than 135,000 tons of fur animal food leave our modern production facility in Putten. We also provide frozen...
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Segway City Tours Amsterdam gebruikt AXIWI voor gastvrije en veilige city tour

Segway City Tours Amsterdam gebruikt sinds kort het draadloze AXIWI communicatiesysteem tijdens haar city tours. Zowel de gids als de toeristen die meedoen aan de city tour, zijn uitgerust met een AXIWI communicatiesysteem. Alles wat de gids vertelt, horen de...
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Den Ouden Group chooses Axitour AT-300 communication system

Den Ouden Group is an international and highly service oriented family company from Schijndel with approximately 180 employees. The spearheads of Den Ouden Group consists of realizing civil and land development works, concrete roads, soil, archaeology and explosives...
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For whom we provide clear communication

Koninklijke Nederlandse Zwembond
Kröller-Müller Museum
Stichting Regionale Senioren Omroep
Den Ouden Groep
Flevo Animal Nutrition B.V.
Nacht van Kunst en Kennis
Holmatro Netherlands
Universiteit Twente
Jardin Netherlands BV
Hillsong Church Amsterdam
Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht
ITB Holland
Universitair Ziekenhuis Gent
Van Gogh Village Nuenen
Smart Tour Systems
Koninklijke Belgische Hockey Bond
Texelse Bierbrouwerij
De Keuken Groep
Veiligheidsregio Gelderland-Zuid
Nederlandse Visueel-gehandicapten Ski Vereniging
Stijger Sportadvies
Industriële Diensten Heino BV
Ijslandse Handbalbond
Oostenrijkse Handbalbond
Segway City Tours Amsterdam
Koninklijke Nederlandse Hockeybond
Nederlands Handbal Verbond
Koninklijk Nederlands Korfbalverbond

Axitour Communication Systems – Clear communication


Axitour Communication Systems is a provider of wireless communication systems, such as audio communication systems and GPS systems. The communication systems include putting in communication during tours, business tours, conferences, meetings, sports, simultaneous translations and calamities. Axitour therefore has many customers who are active in tourism, amusement, industry, but also various emergency services.

The wireless communication systems or for sale and for rent. To buy or rent a GPS or audio communication system, Axitour offers suitable solutions. Finally, we provide services such as the issuance of the systems, project management, recording of audio texts and making video recordings.