About Axitour

Axitour is a supplier of wireless communication systems such as audio communication systems and gps systems for self guided tours. Our systems are used in many different applications were communication plays a pivotal role such as guided tours, excursions, congresses, meetings and during calamities. Axitour’s customers operate in various industries such as tourism, amusement, industry and the first aid sector.

Overview of customers using communication systems

Rental and services for communication systems

The communication systems which Axitour provides are available for sale. Rental of both gps or audio communications systems is also possible and Axitour can provide bespoke solutions where needed. Finally Axitour offers services such as hand out and collection of systems on site, project management, and audio and video content creation.

Free demonstration of Axitour system

Would you like a demonstration without obligations of any of our systems? Please contact us via  +31(0)180-691400 or use the contact form.